Jabra Enhance™ Plus OTC Hearing Aids

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Innovation Award Winner - CES 2023

Best Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid - Forbes Health

Best Earbud-Style Hearing Aids for iOS Users - New York Times

Our Jabra Enhance™ Plus earbud hearing aids could be the perfect over-the-counter (OTC) solution for your hearing loss. At just $799 per pair, they are a great choice for people experiencing mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Start hearing better, streaming music and taking calls with the Jabra Enhance Plus OTC hearing aids. FSA and HSA eligible. 

Enhance the sound, not the noise.

  • Rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours. 
  • Weatherproof design—wear them rain or shine.
  • Easy connectivity to your Apple smartphone and electronics.

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*The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

How do I pair my Jabra Enhance Plus?

Jabra Enhance™ Plus is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 14 or later using the Jabra Enhance™ app, which is free to download in the App Store.

What is the battery life on my Jabra Enhance Plus?

You can get up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge, and a total of up to 30 hours with the charging case.

Is Jabra Enhance Plus comfortable to wear?

Not only does the small size of the earbud provide comfort, but very low weight means it also feels less “present” in the ear. The weight of a Jabra Enhance™ Plus earbud is around half that of small true wireless earbuds on the market. The lighter design is also less likely to fall out of the ear.

Is Jabra Enhance Plus a medical device?

Jabra Enhance™ Plus may look like a consumer electronics product, but it has all medical-grade components inside. Those medical-grade components provide better quality of amplification than less costly consumer-grade components. Medical-grade components are also typically smaller, allowing our designers to create a more discreet and comfortable earbud.

Jabra Enhance™ Plus has been developed and manufactured under medical regulations and quality control systems. The solution has gone through the same thorough testing as GN’s world-class hearing aids.

What other hearing technology is in Jabra Enhance Plus?

Jabra Enhance™ Plus uses some of the same advanced technology GN hearing aids are known for. We have leveraged our extensive knowledge to optimize each feature of this product.

Warp Compressor
Sound is analyzed with resolution similar to the human ear for the most natural sound quality.

Digital Noise Reduction
Improves listening comfort for both stationery and impact noises while keeping speech clear. An appropriate level of noise reduction is automatically applied based on the listening situation.

Digital Feedback Suppression
Two control systems keep feedback whistling from interfering with high quality amplification of sound.

Binaural Beamformer
Directionality with an ultra-narrow beam isolates sounds coming from in front so you can hear clearly in the most challenging situations.

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Enhanced Audiobility

More Features

Enhance the sound, not the noise

These earbud hearing aids have been engineered with advanced medical-grade technology to help you focus on what you want to listen to, without just turning up the volume.


Our innovative design uses four dedicated microphones to reduce background noise and improve speech clarity, so whether you're chatting with your partner in a busy cafe or catching up with friends over dinner, the sounds that matter will be crystal-clear.

Better music. Sharper sound.

Calls & Music

With their powerful speakers, these earbud hearing aids don’t just enhance the world around you—their medical-grade technology also helps you hear your music and calls better, too.

Whether you’re catching up with a friend on the phone or relaxing with your favorite playlist, the people and content you love will sound so much clearer.

Hear your way

Personalized Sound

When you unbox your new Jabra Enhance™ Plus earbud hearing aids, you’re moments away from experiencing our advanced medical-grade technology for yourself, with professional guidance every step of the way.

Setup is easy: simply connect your buds to the free Jabra Enhance™ app and follow the on-screen instructions to personalize and program your earbuds to your specific needs.

Apple App Store Google PLay Store

Tiny but mighty

Battery Life

Jabra Enhance™ Plus uses advanced battery efficiency technology to make sure these little earbud hearing aids can keep up with you for up to 10 hours on a single charge, and up to a total of 30 hours with their compact charging case.

What comes in the box?


See what comes with your purchase of Jabra Enhance™ Plus earbud hearing aids.

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