Beltone Amaze™ & Beltone Rely™ Premium Charger

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When it is time to replace your hearing aid charger, choose the model that came with your Beltone Amaze™ devices originally. Enjoy up to 30 hours on a single charge with the most user-friendly and attractive portable charger in the industry. Simply place your hearing aids in the Beltone Amaze charger overnight and put them on again in the morning, fully charged. Even if you forget to charge them overnight, a quick 30 minutes of charging will deliver 8 hours of battery life. Leave it to Beltone to create a battery charger as amazing as its most complete premium hearing care solution—Beltone Amaze.

 30 hours 3 hours
16 hours 1 hour
8 hours 30 minutes

Set yourself free: The Beltone Amaze charger’s built-in battery has the capacity to carry enough power for 3 full charges without being plugged in, giving you extra peace of mind and convenience. And using the charger is easy and intuitive. The LED indicators show charging status, current battery level and whether the hearing aids are properly inserted. 

It all starts with Beltone’s integrated lithium-ion battery and a design that lets you charge 2 hearing aids at the same time. The sleek case lets you transport your hearing aids safely with a magnetic lid that stays closed. Never wonder about the battery level of your hearing aids; LED lights show you exactly where you stand. The Beltone Amaze charger is proven to retain 80% of its charging capacity, even after 4-years.  

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