What are hearing aid domes? 
A hearing aid dome is a soft, flexible rubber insert that sits inside your ear and helps to hold your hearing aid in place. The shape and placement of the dome will vary depending on the model and style of your hearing aid.

To maintain the proper functioning of your hearing aids, these domes will need to be replaced periodically.

Where can I buy hearing aid domes?
Your local Beltone hearing care professional can help you identify the right replacement dome for your hearing aids.

How do I replace the battery on my hearing aids? 
How often you need to change your hearing aid battery will depend on several factors, including your hearing aid style, how long you wear your hearing aids each day, and if you do a lot of wireless streaming to your hearing aids. Batteries typically last anywhere from three days to up to two weeks.

Click here for a detailed guide for replacing your hearing aid batteries.

How do I clean my hearing aids? 
Cleaning your hearing aids regularly is important for maintaining hygiene and the proper functioning of your hearing equipment. Beltone offers many easy-to-use solutions to streamline the cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids.

Click here for a detailed guide for cleaning your hearing aids.