Beltone PerfectDry LUX

SKU: 20742100

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Dry and Disinfect Your Hearing Aids. Beltone PerfectDry LUX is an advanced hearing aid drying system that features two drying cycles (30 or 90 minutes), a de-humidification fan and the bacteria-fighting power of 360° UV-C rays.

In as little as 30 minutes, your hearing aids are humidity- and condensation-free and thoroughly disinfected. Suitable for all types of hearing aids. Beltone PerfectDry LUX comes with a USB cable, 5V adapter and user guide. Order your Beltone PerfectDry LUX today.

*All Beltone drying accessories are intended exclusively for the cleaning of hearing instruments. Please read the user guide and operate with care. Keep accessories out of reach of children.

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