Beltone MyPAL Micro Solution Bundle (MyPAL Micro + Remote Control 2)

$450 $500
SKU: 18205000 & 19082200

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Save $100 when you purchase the MyPAL Micro Solution Bundle which includes both the MyPAL Micro and the Remote Control 2. Use the MyPAL Micro to hear conversations clearer from further away, just hand the MyPAL Micro to the person you want to hear and use the Remote Control 2 to switch from the microphone to your phone and adjust volumes from one convenient location.

Learn more about MyPAL Micro.

Learn more about Remote Control 2.

The MyPAL Micro Solution Bundle is compatible with the following Beltone hearing aids:

Contact your Beltone Hearing Care Professional at a location near you for more information.

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