Beltone Phone Link 2

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Hear the phone ring directly in your hearing aids, even when your phone is put away in a pocket or handbag. Speak hands-free and enjoy clear conversation in both ears thanks to dual microphones and our advanced noise reduction system. The Beltone Phone Link 2 even lets you eliminate background noise with a handy mute button.

The Phone Link 2 also serves as a basic remote control making it possible for you to adjust the volume of your hearing aids and change programs when you are not talking on the phone.  

 Look to the Beltone Phone Link 2 for:

  • Strong, clear speech signal
  • Mute and Program buttons that enable you to control basic hearing aid functionalities
  • Dual microphones and a noise reduction feature help make speech easier to understand
  • Stream high quality stereo audio from your phone

Experience crystal-clear phone conversations. Order the Beltone Phone Link 2.

The Phone Link 2 is compatible with the following Beltone hearing aids:

Contact your Beltone Hearing Care Professional at a location near you for more information.


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