Beltone TV Link 2

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The Beltone TV Link 2 provides you with high-quality streamed audio from your TV, stereo, personal computer or similar device – sent directly to your hearing instruments. You can enjoy clear sound – at your preferred volume – and still participate in conversations around you. 

  • Streams stereo sound from TV or any other audio source to your hearing aids
  • Streams sound for at least 22 ft with a clear line of sight
  • Reconnects automatically if you get out of range and come back within 5 minutes
  • Works with both digital and analog audio inputs
  • Accepts Dolby® Digital encoded audio inputs

Beltone’s TV Link 2 is designed to provide a comfortable listening level from the moment it is activated and is easy to adjust to your environment.  

The TV Link 2 is compatible with the following Beltone hearing aids:

Contact your Beltone Hearing Care Professional at a location near you for more information.

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