Beltone TV Link 2

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Connect to More Than Just Your TV. Enjoy clear, high-quality sound streamed directly to your hearing aids. Made to put you in control of the volume, Beltone TV Link 2 connects to TVs, stereos and computers.

The TV Link 2 is compatible with the following Beltone hearing aids:

Contact your Beltone Hearing Care Professional at a location near you for more information.

Additional Features

Compatible with digital and analog audio inputs

Reconnects automatically if you get out of range and come back within 5 minutes

Streams sound at least 7 meters/22 feet with a clear line of sight

Beltone TV Link 2


Simply connect and start streaming at whatever volume you like, without changing what others in the room hear. Since it’s completely wireless, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to move around, interact with others and easily hear what you want, even in crowded rooms.

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