Beltone Restore

All-Make Hearing Aid Repair

No matter the make or model of hearing aids, you can utilize Beltone’s hearing aid repair services.

Restore Packages

Restore Premium

$349Per Hearing Aid
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • Risk-Free Repair
  • Ground Shipping
  • 10-Point Cleaning
  • Shipping Insurance (covers up to $100)

FedEx Express shipping included in base price. Two-day FedEx Expedited shipping (round trip) is available during checkout for $49.

Restore Essential

$249Per Hearing Aid
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • Risk-Free Repair
  • Ground Shipping
  • 10-Point Cleaning
  • Shipping Insurance (covers up to $100)

FedEx Express shipping included in base price. Two-day FedEx Expedited shipping (round trip) is available during checkout for $49.

Package Add-Ons

Restore Box

$39Per Hearing Aid
If you don't have packaging or a printer, we'll ship you our preferred packaging with a FedEx label. When you receive it, simply place your hearing aid inside, seal the box and drop it off at any FedEx or Walgreens location nationwide.

*Free destination FedEx ground shipping is included.

Shipping Insurance

$79Round Trip
This extra protection provides an additional $3,000-worth of round-trip insurance for your hearing aid.

Get your repaired hearing aid back faster and start hearing better sooner with Round-Trip FedEx Expedited Shipping, available at checkout for $49.

*Add-ons are only available once a Restore package has been added to your cart.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hassle-Free for You

No worries. One low price covers our expert diagnostics, all repairs, your warranty and a complimentary cleaning.

No risk. If your hearing aid is beyond repair or you’re dissatisfied with the repair, we can issue a full refund or apply the cost to new Beltone hearing aids.

No hassle. If we have to ship your hearing aid to one of Beltone’s offsite specialists, we will ship it at no extra cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the repair warranty cover?

The repair warranty covers mechanical breakdowns related to any repair work completed on your hearing aid. The warranty does not cover loss, theft, normal wear and tear or accidental damage to your hearing aid.

How should you package and ship your hearing aids?

Wrap your hearing aids in a dry, clean, padded, sealed and anti-static material. Choose a durable box for shipping and include enough packing material that your hearing aids won’t shift around in the box. Mark the box with the word “Fragile” on each side, either with permanent marker or with stickers that say “Fragile.” You are responsible for packing your hearing aids properly, as we want to make sure they are delivered to us in good condition.

For an additional cost, you can purchase the Restore Box, our specially designed, postage-paid shipping box, which will completely protect your hearing aids on the way to us and back to you.

What is the repair agreement?

You agree that you are responsible for carefully packaging your hearing aid(s) to avoid accidental damage when shipping them to the Beltone Repair Center. You agree to Beltone’s policies and procedures and to pay the repair charge. You understand that, occasionally, additional repair work may be needed beyond the standard repair. You agree to take care when packing your hearing aids for shipping to avoid risk of damage.

Can I go to my local Beltone for repair?

Yes! In fact, this option provides you the most benefit. Your hearing care provider will perform a FREE 10-point checkup, and they might be able to do onsite repairs. If your devices need to be shipped offsite to one of our repair specialists, we’ll package and ship them at no extra cost. Plus, you’ll be loaned a set of advanced Beltone hearing aids so you can carry on with your life as usual.

Find a Beltone near you here.

What if I don’t live near a Beltone location?

You’ve come to the right place! If you don’t live close to a Beltone location, this website is where you can purchase a Restore repair option, then ship your hearing aids to our repair facility. The process is simple, and the shipping cost is included as part of the Restore repair service.

How long do repairs usually take?

Repairs typically require 3–5 days, plus any necessary shipping. Some exceptions apply given the type of repair needed.

What hearing aids can you repair?

We repair all non-Beltone makes and models, subject to part availability. Our Restore package can even repair damage to some hearing aid shells for an additional charge. Put simply, if we can still get the parts, we’ll fix it. 

For repair of Beltone hearing aids please see your local office.

What if you can’t repair my hearing aids?

If your hearing aids are beyond repair, you can apply the cost of your repair* as a discount against new Beltone hearing aids at a nearby Beltone location or receive a full refund of the cost of the Restore service package.

Find a Beltone near you here.

*Only cost of your repair is refunded.  This excludes expedited shipping, extra shipping insurance, and the Restore box options.

What do you mean by risk-free repair?

If your hearing aid is beyond repair, we will refund the cost of the Restore repair package, minus any upgrade costs. Further, at any point during your warranty (6 or 12 months depending on package) we will repair your hearing aid again, and if you’re dissatisfied with the repair, we’ll credit the Restore service package cost to the sales price of new Beltone hearing aids.

How does shipping work?

If you package your hearing aid using your own materials, we will email you a prepaid FedEx shipping label, which you can simply print and affix to your package. Your package or the Restore Box can be dropped off at any FedEx or Walgreens location, or you can order a call tag and FedEx will pick it up from your house.

What if my hearing aids need to be reprogramed during the repair?

More than 90% of repairs are purely physical, but your hearing aid may need to be reprogrammed, as well. The Beltone Restore repair service can do this for an additional $249 per hearing aid. If needed, we will call you to get your approval before proceeding.

How do I make a warranty repair request?

Do you need to use your warranty on a previous hearing aid repair? Call 1-800-Beltone (1-800-235-8663).