Jabra™ Enhance Plus EarGels

SKU: 22500300

Size: Small
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Choose from three sizes of smooth silicon EarGels to get the fit that feels most comfortable for you. Your Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids should fit comfortably in your ears, whether you’re sitting down or on the go. If they feel loose or lead to soreness in your ears, you may need to change the size of your EarGels!

EarGels should also be changed out regularly for hygiene.

Each package of Jabra EarGels contains six (6) pieces and comes in three sizes:

  • S size: 11.7mm
  • M size: 13.4mm
  • L size: 15.1mm


To remove the EarGel: Use two fingers to firmly pinch the sides of the EarGel together. Gently peel the EarGel up and off the earbud.

 To replace the EarGel: Align the sleeve of the EarGel with the earbud nozzle and press gently. Be sure the EarGel is pushed all the way down the nozzle

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