Beltone Remote Control 2

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The Beltone Remote Control 2 is both an elegant and user-friendly remote control as well as status reader which gives you access to wireless functions on your hearing aids. It can be used to tune both of your hearing devices simultaneously. Or you can control both hearing instruments individually, allowing you to perfectly fine-tune your devices to any specific hearing situations. Here are just a few things the Beltone Remote Control 2 can do for you:

  • Adjusts volume on one or both hearing aids
  • Changes hearing aid programs
  • Switches between streaming from any Bluetooth-capable device
  • Balances the hearing aid volume with the volume of your streaming devices
  • Blocks out surrounding sound with the mute function
  • Offers a discreet and clear overview of your hearing aid settings

Put Beltone’s 2.4 GHz wireless system to work for better hearing and a better quality of life. Order the Beltone Remote Control 2.

The Remote Control 2 is compatible with the following Beltone hearing aids:

Contact your Beltone Hearing Care Professional at a location near you for more information.

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