Wax Guards

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Protect Your Hearing Aids From Wax Buildup. Keeping your Beltone hearing aids clean and working like new is easier with Beltone wax guards. If you’ve noticed a decrease in sound quality, it may be time to change your device’s wax guards. Do this once per month for best performance.

To change the wax guards on your hearing aids, follow these steps:

1. Press the empty end of the black application stick into the used wax guard and pull out to remove it.

2. Use the opposite end of the black application stick to insert the new wax guard into your hearing aid, pressing firmly as needed.

3. Pull the black application stick outward to leave the new wax guard behind.

4. Discard the black application stick.

This convenient pack contains eight (8) new Beltone wax guards preloaded onto eight (8) application sticks.

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